GoTo Lombok is a comprehensive guide to the hotels, restaurants, spas and activities on the main island of Lombok and the smaller Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

Restaurant Highlight

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  • Mangsit
  • Qunci Villas, Mangsit.
  • 693.800
  • (62-370) 693.802
  • good
  • AMEX
    Master Card
  • Advisable
  • 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., daily.
This is the Medierranean restaurant at Qunci Villas, its emphasis now is on Seafood with the fresh clean taste of the Mediterranean. Perfect dishes to enjoy beachside, poolside, with views across the Lombok Straits to Bali. The majestic Mt. Agung visible on the horizon on cloudless days. The service is very professional like all else at this quality boutique resort. A very intimate restaurant where it is very easy to forget the problems of the world, which is what a holiday should be about. Food is of a consistent quality, simple tastes that are perfect on the palate, and incredibly budget priced for such a luxury resort.

Special Features

  • Beachside
  • Gay Friendly
  • Smoking Area


  • Vegetarian

    Many salads; Garden Salad with apple cider and honey ginger dressing, Pear, Blue Cheese and crushed walnuts and a Squid Salad with shredded cucumber, greens and cherry tomatoes with a yoghurt dressing.

    Spicy pasta is the Penne Broccoli Arrabiata, with a chilli after taste.

  • Cafe Style

    Fijian style Ceviche, minced fish and prawn meat marinated in lime juice, served in a yellow coconut. Mediterranean Tuna Tartare served with slices of foccacia.

    Fresh seafood salad of young squid with shredded cucumber, cherry tomatoes and greens tossed with a yoghurt sauce. The Pear, Blue Cheese and Crushed Walnuts are in an apple cider dressing.

    Balinese Sate Lilit, minced prawn and fish with Balinese spiices wrapped around lemongrass sticks, a rujak salad of green mango and coriander on the side.


    Soto Bandung is a clear beef broth with fried soy beans and daikon. Balinese Sate Lilit combines minced prawn and fish meat with Balinese spices, wrapped around lemongrass sticks.

    Tuna Betongkol is served with steamed rice. Lombok's own Ayam Taliwang is chicken breast in a tangy chilli marinade.


     Australian Beef Tenderloin is with sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a separtae small jug of pepper sauce.

    Scaloppine is medallions of meat cut from the chicken breast, crumbed and pan fried and served with a roasted tomato salsa.

    Blackened Snapper Fillet is with green vegetables, ginger and orange and a bell pepper sauce.


    Spaghetti Vongole is with clams and other seafood. The Penne Broccoli Arriabata leaves a chilli after taste and the Penne Prawn and Crab 'Bolognaise' used pan fried minced crab meat instead  of the usual beef.

    Spaghetti with chicken, mushroom and Lombok spinach is in a creamy sauce.


    Many seafood options in both the appetisers and mains. Oysters on the shell, Mediterranean style Tuna Tartare with slices of foccaccia, Aquyid Salad and Balinese Sate Lilit, minced prawn and fish with Balinese spices wrapped around lemongrass sticks then grilled over coconut embers.

    Blackened Snapper Fillet is with ginger, orange and a bell pepper sauce. The Mahi-Mahi is warpped in banana leaf with garlic, tomato and spices, then steamed. Grilled sashimi-grade Tuna is topped with a sundried tomato cream. The Turbot fillet is marinated with onion, garlic and olive oil, then grilled.

    Lombok Lobster is split then topped with a mix of crushed almonds, lemon and herbs before being grilled over fire.


    Australian Beef Tenderloin is with sauteed mushrooms and mashed potato. On the side a small jug of pepper sauce.

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