GoTo Lombok is a comprehensive guide to the hotels, restaurants, spas and activities on the main island of Lombok and the smaller Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

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Lombok's oldest city, the borders of which included the original port. Its residents are a wide ethnic mix including Arab, Chinese, Malay and local Sasak. The area features many old style buildings and markets. The current airport is in Ampenan, but the city now merges with neighbouring Mataram, the capital. Most of Lombok's Christian churches are to be found in Ampenan.
Bali has been more developed for tourism and over a longer period than Lombok therefore there are some services available in and from Bali that are as yet not available locally in Lombok. Consuls and/or Honorary Consuls for many countries are located in Bali.
Batu Bolong
Just south of Senggigi this area features small great value homestays aqnd boutique hotels, cheap warungs and restaurants and a wonderful white sand beach.
Batu Kliang
Batu Layar
An area half way between Mataram and Senggigi on Lombok's west coast. It includes beachfront sites, a mix of 3-4 star hotels and backpacker atyle accommodation as well as upmarket villas high up on the backing mountain. Also has local warungs, small spas and basic karaoke bars, some of which are open late night.
In West Lombok regency Bayan is close to the Senaru traditional village at the foot of Mt. Rinjani where the main gate is located to begin the climb ti the summit. Bayan was one of the first Islamic settlements in Lombok and the mosque is of historical interest. Nearby are the famous Sendang Gile waterfalls.
Belongas Bay
Belongas Bay is a protected bay in southern Lombok renowned for its dive sites and can be reached in 5 minutes by boat from Teluk Sepi. The bay offers pristine beaches for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. The beach normally enjoys magnificient sunsets, perfect after an exciting day of diving! There are no Banks, ATM machines or Money Changers in this area.
Once a separate city but now merged with Mataram, the capital. A large Chinese population so it is not surprising that this is the main business area with local headquarters for many banks and financial services. Interesting small local warungs and restaurants.
Eka's Bay
Eka's Bay is at the south-eatern tip of Lombok island. White sand beach, incredible snorkeling, diving and surfing are the main attraction. Eco-friendly resorts are what is found in this area.
In West Lombok regency, Gangga's main attraction is the host of local markets.
Gerung is the capital of Lombok's West Regency and all the government offices for this regency are found here.
Gili Air
A coral island surrounded by a white sand beach, Gili Air is the closest 'small island' to Lombok and is adjacent to Tandjung [the Tugu and Oberoi Hotels], at Lombok's north-western point, just a few minutes away by fast speedboats. Fresh water is from wells or transported from the mainland, salt water showers are common in the cheaper homestays. Where fresh water and/or hot water are available icons are shown accordingly. There is NO motorised transport, walking and the horse drawn ciadomo are the norm. There is no ATM on the island.
Gili Asahan
Gili Asahan is one of many small islands at Lombok's south-western tip, off-shore from Sekotong. There is only one resort on the island and the main attraction, apart from pure relaxation, is snorkelling the surrounding reefs.
Gili Gede
Gili Gede is the largest Gili Island. It lays about 6 Nautical miles from the busy southwest Lembar Harbor: It has 4 Sasak traditional Fishing villages. It is accessible from a well maintained Lombok highway: Or via an overnight trip aboard the 42 foot Pamela Catamaran, on which you can come straight from the Benoa harbor in Bali. Or book any other Charter boat and simply request they stop by Gili Gede.
Gili Meno
The centre and smallest of the 3 Gilis, small coral islands off the north-west coast of the main Lombok Island. Fresh water is from wells or transported from the mainland, salt water showers are common in the cheaper homestays. Where fresh water and/or hot water are available icons are shown accordingly. There is NO motorised transport, walking and the horse drawn ciadomo are the norm.
Gili Tangkong
This island has been leased by Alpha Resorts for 45 years [from the West Nusa Tenggara government] to develop the 1st Dharma Resort. Dharma-Gili. The island is 1km. offshore from Sekotong in Lombok's south-west, and is accessed by sea from both Lombok and Bali.
Gili Trawangan
The largest and the most famous of the 3 'Gilis', small islands off the north-west coast of the main Lombok Island. Gili T, as it is commonly called is renowned as the party island due the large number of late night bars along the central coastal area, which never seem to close. Higher up on the mountain areas upmarket luxury villas are becoming common. Fresh water is from wells or transported from the mainland, salt water showers are common in the cheaper homestays. Where fresh water and/or hot water are available icons are shown accordingly. There is NO motorised transport, walking and the horse drawn ciadomo are the norm.
Gunung Sari
At the base of the mountains, just a few minutes east of the main rourist strip, Gunung Sari is most famous for its large traditional daily market. You proceed through Gunung Sari if you take the scenic mountain road to Tanjung and Lombok's north, which winds through Pusuk [the monkey forest]. Buy bananas at the market stalls in Gunung Sari as you pass, to feed the grateful, cheeky monkeys up on the northern side of the mountain range.
Jonggat is in Lombok's Central Regency.
Kediri is in Lombok's Western Regency. Also known as Kota Santri, the home of many Islamic boarding schools.
Kerandangan Valley
Just 2 km. south of Mangsit, and 5 km. north of Senggigi, at the base of the mountains. The entrance road is highlighted by a large sign to the Puri Mas Village Resort. Nearest Bank, ATM and official Money Changers are in Senggigi [10 mins away].
Famous for its white sand beach and high quality all-year surf. The M Gallery [ex Novotell] Hotel is the only upmarket establishment in this area at this time but that will soon change with the completion of Lombok's new International Airport 15 minutes to the north. The area has many backpacker hotels and small warungs for the surfing community. There are now three ATM machines in the area. There are non-official Money Changers but at very bad rates of exchange.Now the new airport is open expect this area to rapidly expand, in both quality and quantity.
Labuhan Lombok
Literally means Lombok Harbour which it is. On Lombok's far north-eastern coast, it is the sea gateway to Sumbawa, Flores and all islands further to the east.
Lendang Luar
A small village approximately half way between Senggigi and Teluk Nara [pick up marinas for dive and hotels on the Gilis]. Has a few budget hotels, some with quite reasonable, though simple, restaurant. Convenient for overnight stop prior to early morning departure for the Gillis.
About 5 kilometres north of Senggigi on Lombok's west coast this is the area of the boutique hotel [along the beach front] and private villas [high up on the backing mountain]. There is nothing outside of the hotels but Senggigi is only 10 minutes away. Nearest Bank, ATM'a and official Money Changers are in Senggigi [10 mins away].
Mataram is Lombok's capital city although it has over time become merged with neighbouring Ampenan to the west and Cakranegara to the east. All combined they provide the business and government centre of Lombok together with the main banks and conventional shopping and business services. The hotels are mainly for government and the domestic tourist market. Great seafood and local Sasak cuisine restaurants especially those serving the famous Ayam Taliwang.
A local area, generally non-tourist, that is situated approximately half way between Mataram and Senggigi, although there are a few good value budget hotels and local warungs plus the unique eco-friendly Crocodile River Resort.
Narmada is in the Western Regency but east of Mataram. Best known as the site of Lombok's main hindu temple, the Pura Agung Narmada Temple. There are many Balinese kampungs in this area. Narmada ilso has a very large fresh fruit market. Nearby, Taman Narmada [the Narmada Park] is built around an artificial lagoon which was built to replicate the crater lake [Seggara Anak] ar Mt. Rinjani.
Praya is the capital of Central Lombok. As a result it is the centre of all government and private business in this regency.
A very small village in Lombok's south-west. It is just below the main port and faces north over Sekotong Bay. It has minimal surf as adjacent small islands break the swell and provide a serene waterscape. A few small resorts for those who want to relax. Along the bay is becoming a prime site for small private villas, but at this stage there are no other services in this area.
Selong is the capital of East Lombok. It is a stopping point for travellers who wish to explore the lush under developed eastern parts of Lombok. Many are amazed that is is one of the world's great areas for the growing of Virginia tobacco, and both British American Tobacco and Phillip Morris fund the local farming of same. The local inhabitants are pure Sasak, Lombok's indigenous people. Masbagek Village is famous for its pottery production.
Selong Belanak
An amazing white sand beach in an unspoilt protected bay on Lombok's southern coast, just 45 minutes from the Praya Airport.
This is the main tourist area on Lombok's western coast. A good selection of hotels from small clean homestays to upmarket 5 star hotels. Most of the better standalone restaurants, night clubs, small supermarkets and many other tourist services are also found in this area. White sand beaches and wide roads with minimal traffic make it a peaceful location. It has one bank branch [BNI] but many different ATM machines, and reputable official money changers.
Sumba - Nihiwatu
Nihiwatu is on the western side of the southernmost tip of Sumba, totally isolated from everywhere else, hencce its incredible charm. Travel is overland from Sumba's Tambolaka, a fascinating 1 1//2 hour drive.
Sumbawa is located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, with Lombok to the west, Flores to the east, and Sumba further to the southeast. It is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Sumbawa is 15,448 km2 or 5,965 sq mi (three times the size of Lombok) with a current population of around 1.33 million. It marks the boundary between the islands to the west, which were influenced by religion and culture spreading from India, and the region to the east that was not so influenced. In particular this applies to both Hinduism and Islam.
A mainly business district, east of Cakranegara, close to the main bus station.
On Lombok's north-western corner this area is closest to the Gilis [the islands of Air, Meno and Trawangan]. Apart from Lombok's finest golf course only the two high class hotels, Oberoi and Tugu, and the quaint boutique Medana have anything to offer here. Only 40 minutes from Senggigi by either an excellent coast road or a narrower but picturesque mountain road, and minutes to the Gilis by high performance boats. This northern area is the site for a number of high-class developments, villa complexes and eventually a large marina.



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